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Instruments Taught

Learn more about the congas, shekerai, djembe, pandeiro, caxixi, and agogo bells

Teaching Philosophy

Robert’s teaching philosophy is simple: Everyone has rhythm!

Why Drum?

Rhythm and drumming helps you to SLOW DOWN and reconnect with YOU.

Solo Percussionist

Perfect for creating a warm, positive, and spirit-filled environment, indoors and out. Sets a wonderful ambience and makes any event extra-special.


Total Rhythm offers the complete spectrum of rhythm-based entertainment ensembles, from solo drumming to Mardi-Gras style parade contingents with costumes and dancers.

Kids Programs

Total Rhythm has a variety of programs designed to teach kids aged 2-17 about rhythm, world music, history, and international culture.

Team Building

Robert unpacks his World Rhythm Suitcase and brings his extensive knowledge of World Percussion & Rhythm to YOUR drum community!

Rhythm Adventure to Cuba!

Spend 9 days and 8 glorious nights with us in once-in-a-lifetime RHYTHM ADVENTURE to Cuba!!!

Incredible Drum & Dance Performances

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