Total Rhythm™ Workshops

All Workshops take place at the Total Rhythm Studio unless otherwise noted

These workshops give the drumming community an opportunity to try new styles and instructors they might not have been exposed to before. They are lots of fun and a great way to meet new people too!
-Shannon Hastings

Cuba-Brazil: A One-Day Rhythm Retreat featuring the Beats of Cuba and Brazil!
with Robert Wallace and Patricio Angulo

SATURDAY, MAY 19, 2018
10am – 4:30 pm
Location: in the beautiful Oakland hills near Mills College

Course Description: Join All-Star Percussionists Patricio Angulo and Robert “Bobby” Wallace for a one-day Rhythm Retreat into the sizzling music of Cuba and Brazil!

This one-time-only Day of the Drum is an experiment in rhythm: Inspired by the traditional & modern beats of Cuba and Brazil, Patricio and Bobby have created a new percussion suite for hand & stick drummers: Congas, Rebolos, Chekeres, Agogo, Cowbell, Caxixi & Snare combine in this powerful groove!

*Open to all levels. All drums provided or bring your own.*


10am: Gather to stretch & Hear Overview of Piece (Coffee and snacks provided!)
10:30-12:30am: Morning Drum Session with Patricio and Bobby. Review all rhythms.
12:30-1:30pm: Lunch Break. Delicious hot lunch provided!
2:00-4:00pm: Afternoon Drum Session. Put together entire piece, all rhythms, intro, ending, breaks!
4:30: GOODBYE!

CuBrazil Rhythm Retreat fee: $75, includes all drum instruction, hot lunch and lots of smiles!

CANCELLED, please contact Robert Wallace for details

Body Percussion Workshop
with Alyssa DeCaro

1pm – 3pm

Course Description: Step, clap, snap, stomp! Tune up your body as your most essential instrument. In this workshop you will learn the basics of body percussion as well as a fresh sequence of original body music by Alyssa DeCaro. We will focus on precise timing to develop groove together, explore how body percussion can add a sweet texture to any jam and most of all have a lot of fun. Discover the amazing instrument you carry with you!

If you are a percussionist, musician or dancer interested in expanding your musical range and timing, or you simply want more music in your life – THIS IS FOR YOU! These skills can be applied to any instrument or dance. All levels welcome.

Alyssa DeCaro is an international teacher, performer, percussionist, vocalist, and dancer dedicated to helping others tune in to their “essential instrument” through movement, breath, rhythm, and ensemble connection. She has 17 years of teaching experience and has performed at the TED conference, Bali Arts Festival, International Body Music Festival, as well as performed/choreographed with Gamelan X for 10 years. In 2006, Alyssa founded BODY OF SOUND workshops and retreats based on the concept that your body is your most essential instrument. Her work integrates the audience/performer and student/teacher relationships to create an interactive, rhythmic, ensemble experience. When leading groups, Alyssa has a natural ability to shape the collective field, transforming an ordinary room into an inspiring space where practice and play intertwine.

Payment: $25 advanced / $35 day of

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