Private and Semi-Private Classes


Private and Semi-Private Lessons

I appreciate Robert’s enthusiasm, inspiration and confidence. Being a teacher myself, I have a deep respect for his talent and warmth. I look forward to much learning with such great support!
-Rasan Gray

Rhythm is a natural life-force that we all share.

Tapping into this universal force feels good! Start with congas, djembe, bells, or shakers, and feel the flow of rhythm in your body. (Or, if you prefer, bring your own percussion instrument.)

Private classes emphasize FUN and delve into the SPIRIT of RHYTHM. No prior experience necessary. All percussion instruments provided. If you want to share lessons, we can pair you with an appropriate student. Please contact the instructors below directly for availability.

Robert Wallace

Robert “Bobby” Wallace offers private lessons in Brazilian rhythms and percussion, Afro-Cuban, West African, Funk & HipHop rhythms. E-mail Robert for more information.

Ben Isaacs

Ben Isaacs offers private lessons in West African and Funk rhythms. E-mail Ben for more information.

Patricio Angulo

Patricio Angulo offers private lessons in Afro-Caribbean Hand and Stick Drumming. E-mail Patricio for more information.


Total Rhythm Studio
1705 Webster St.
Alameda, CA 94501
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or we can discuss traveling (with drums) to your location.


Classes can be scheduled anytime, depending on availability. Please e-mail the instructors directly for availability with three proposed class dates and times.


  • Private lesson $70/hour, $100/1.5 hours
  • Two Persons: $100/hour, $150/1.5 hours
  • Three persons: Please call for pricing at 510-967-6135