Traveling Programs


Traveling Programs

Rhythm on the Road

Robert unpacks his World Rhythm Suitcase and brings his extensive knowledge of World Percussion & Rhythm to YOUR drum community!

  • Do you have a community of drummers anxious to learn traditional and contemporary world rhythms?
  • Do you have a space to accommodate 10-20 (or more) students?

That’s all you need to host your OWN World Percussion Workshop!

Robert can travel TO YOUR LOCATION and offer World Percussion Workshops ranging from 1-5 days, covering some (or all) of the following world rhythms:

Afro-Cuban Arrangements
(Complete arrangements for congas, chekere, clave, palitos, bells).

  • Rumba Guaguanco
  • Rumba Columbia
  • Bembe
  • Iyesa
  • Makuta
  • Guiro (Chekere ensemble)

Brazilian Samba and Samba Funk
(Complete arrangements for timbau, surdo, repinique, ganza, agogo, tamborim, caixa, congas, djembe).

  • Samba Batucada
  • Samba De Roda
  • Afoxe
  • Baile Funk
  • Samba Reggae
West African Arrangements
(Complete arrangements for djembe, congas, djun djun, bell, chekere).

  • Kuku from Guinee
  • Nigerian HighLife

Caribbean Arrangements
(Complete arrangements for djembe, congas, chekere, bell).

  • Calypso
  • Jab Molassi

Contemporary Funk & HipHop Arrangements

Plus, group instruction on the following instruments:

  • Congas, Pandeiro, Timbau
  • Djembe, Surdo, Ganza
  • Rebolo/Tan-Tan, Udu, Triangle
  • Chekere, Caxixi, Cow, Agogo & Gangogui Bell

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
You organize your rhythm community, secure a space, and pick three possible date(s) for the World Percussion Workshop(s) of your choice. (Programs can be tailored to meet your community’s particular needs.) Contact Robert with the three proposed dates and confirm his schedule.
Make a 50% deposit for the workshop fee and Robert’s estimated travel costs, secure accommodations for Robert, and you are set! Balance of Robert’s fee payable at the start of the program.

Can Robert stay with someone in our Rhythm community during the workshop?
Yes, absolutely. Robert would PREFER to stay with someone in the drum community. (This helps cut down costs.)

How much does it cost?
Robert’s teaching fee is $650 per day, plus travel and accommodations (meal and lodging). If you book Robert for two days, in Portland, for example, and arranged for Robert to stay with someone in the rhythm community, the cost would be approximately $1,600 ($1,300 for 2 days instruction, and approx. $300 in travel expenses). If 15 drummers attended the 2-day program, the cost for each would be $106/person for the entire workshop!

Who provides the drums and percussion instruments?
You do. Robert will only bring a few small percussion instruments (pandeiro, caxixi) for demonstration and instruction purposes. All remaining drums and percussion instruments are provided by the workshop participants. Robert is available to teach technique and rhythms for the following instruments: djembe, congas, ashiko, chekere, caxixi, rebolo, tan-tan, surdo, pandeiro, ganza, udu, timbau, cowbell, agogo & gangogui bells.

What if total revenues are greater than Robert’s fee and costs?
All additional revenues go to the organizers!

How do I get started?
Discuss the idea with members of your drum community and determine what they would like to learn (e.g. Brazilian material? Afro-Cuban Folkloric? Pandeiro technique?…). Locate a space to host the workshop, and contact Robert with three proposed dates. All the details can then be
worked out.