Massamba and the Rhythm Express

Massamba and the Rhythm Express

Massamba Diop (pronounced “Jope”) is a world music superstar and cultural Ambassador of Africa. He was awarded the 2019 Oscar and Grammy Awards for his contributions to the Marvel blockbuster film “The Black Panther”, featuring the music of Kendrick Lamar, Ludwig Garanson, Travis Scott and Baaba Maal.

Massamba has also performed with Herbie Hancock, Peter Gabriel, James Brown and Carlos Santana, among many others. For the past 35 years, he has been the principal percussionist with African superstar Baaba Maal and his band Daande Lenol (“The People’s Voice”).

With his crack percussive band The Rhythm Express, Massamba brings the spirit, energy and joy of his native Senegal and the broader ethos of Africa to audiences worldwide.

Massamba and the Rhythm Express are available for concerts, festivals, and cultural celebrations of every kind, anywhere in the world. Massamba also offers educational presentations for youth and adults, focusing on the history of African music, the role of the drum in the spirituality of African music, geography, culture, dance, and the importance of the African way.

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