Performance Ensembles




Total Rhythm offers the complete spectrum of rhythm-based entertainment ensembles, from solo drumming to Mardi-Gras style parade contingents with costumes and dancers. We also offer to a sweet Brazilian jazz quartet with an elegant and international sound.

Solo Percussion

Perfect for creating a warm, positive, and spirit-filled environment, indoors and out. Sets a wonderful ambience and makes any event extra-special.

Brazilian Jazz Quartet

The Crying High Quartet: Sweet, elegant music with international style. Clarinet, guitar, flute and percussion. Guaranteed to provide a sweet and intriguing sound for your event.

Percussion and Dance Ensembles

(2-10 percussionists, with or without dancers)
Bring the spirit of the drum to your event! Ensembles can play soft, beautiful, background music or provide a dynamic, high-energy show. Ensembles playing the music of Brazil, West Africa, Haiti, Cuba, and New Orleans available, with or without dancers.

Mardi-Gras Style Parade Contingents

(5-12 percussionists, with costumes, with or without dancers.)
Imagine a band of colorfully costumed drummers and dancers parading through your event, interacting with the crowd, and spreading the spirit of joy and celebration!

Father Time Trio

The Father Time Trio is a unique musical ensemble featuring three world-class
musicians from three distinct parts of the world, Massamba Diop, Edgardo Cambon, and Robert Wallace. Read more >>

Massamba & the Rhythm Express

Massamba Diop and his crack percussive band, The Rhythm Express, bring the
spirit, energy, and joy of his native Senegal and the broader ethos of Africa to
audiences worldwide.

Please e-mail Robert@totalrhythm.com or call 510-967-6135 to discuss our fees,
the vision for your event and how Total Rhythm can assist you.