Performance Ensembles





Total Rhythm offers the complete spectrum of rhythm-based entertainment ensembles, from solo drumming to Mardi-Gras style parade contingents with costumes and dancers. We also offer to a sweet Brazilian jazz quartet with an elegant and international sound.

Solo Percussion

Perfect for creating a warm, positive, and spirit-filled environment, indoors and out. Sets a wonderful ambience and makes any event extra-special.

Brazilian Jazz Quartet

The Crying High Quartet: Sweet, elegant music with international style. Clarinet, guitar, flute and percussion. Guaranteed to provide a sweet and intriguing sound for your event.

Percussion and Dance Ensembles

(2-10 percussionists, with or without dancers)
Bring the spirit of the drum to your event! Ensembles can play soft, beautiful, background music or provide a dynamic, high-energy show. Ensembles playing the music of Brazil, West Africa, Haiti, Cuba, and New Orleans available, with or without dancers.

Mardi-Gras Style Parade Contingents

(5-12 percussionists, with costumes, with or without dancers.)
Imagine a band of colorfully costumed drummers and dancers parading through your event, interacting with the crowd, and spreading the spirit of joy and celebration!

Please e-mail Robert@totalrhythm.com or call 510-967-6135 to discuss our fees, the vision for your event and how Total Rhythm can assist you.

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