Teaching Philosophy


Teaching Philosophy at Total Rhythm

You have rhythm! We can bring it out.


Total Rhythm’s teaching philosophy is simple: Everyone has rhythm! Absolutely everyone. There are NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS! None. Zero. Zip. (Think of your heartbeat, your breath, your dream cycles.)

Our vocation is to help people tap into their natural, internal rhythm and then use it to enrich their lives. For a long time Americans have been separated from rhythm. It’s time to reconnect! The key is to get rhythm inside your body. Movement, stretching and plenty of fun are incorporated in all classes.

We warmly accept each student exactly where he or she is in terms of their development and experience with rhythm, and then provide the tools to create a deeper, more personal relationship with rhythm, percussion, and movement. Absolutely no prior music, drumming, or movement experience needed.

  • Rhythm is anything that repeats itself. It’s a natural life force that has existed for thousands of years and will continue to exist for thousands of years after we’re gone.
  • Getting into the flow of rhythm can ground, balance, uplift, even heal.
  • If you are alive, YOU HAVE RHYTHM! There are no exceptions to this. Zero. Zip. None. (Think of your heartbeat, your breath).
  • We can use rhythm to keep us physically fit and spiritually grounded.
  • Best of all, tapping into the natural flow of rhythm FEELS GOOD!